Good Governance

The vision of Caritas Nigeria forms the background for the Good Governance initiative of Caritas Nigeria.

The program addresses issues around integral human development using the structures of the Catholic Church in Nigeria, its broad objective being to have citizens participate actively in decisions that affect their lives, socially, economically and politically and in doing this eliminate inequalities and promote human solidarity.


Through advocacy and partnership with diocesan Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) the program reaches out to the duty bearers on the need to open the space for citizens’ participation in governance.

The scope of the Good Governance program includes:

institutional capacity strengthening to support the capacity of Caritas Nigeria and her partners;
intervention both at the National, State and Local Government levels of Governance;
monitoring of activities at the National Assembly and making feedbacks to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference; and
engagements with other policy makers such as ministers and heads of departments all aimed at promoting good governance.
The Good Governance program is managed by a competent team led by a Program Manager who is a lawyer well-grounded on the subject matter.