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Caritas Nigeria shares in the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the world.This mission is inspired by the Gospel, the teachings of the Catholic Church, the socio-pastoral orrientations of our pastors, and the cultural and religious beliefs of the African people. Caritas Nigeria strives to build flourishing communities in Nigera, where love, reconciliation, justice, peace and prosperity prevail; …


To achieve its goals, Caritas: Carries out her social-pastoral ministry of serving accompanying and defending the poor and the marginalized according to the Gospel and the Teachings of the Catholic Church;Works in synergy with other social-pastoral institutions of the Church in Nigeria to promote the spirituality of social action in conformity with the teachings of the Church..

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All of us are social by nature and are called to live in community with others; our full human potential is not realized in solitude, but in community with others


In order for all of us to have an opportunity to grow and develop fully, a certain social fabric must exist within society. This is the common good


“Our country is the world and our religion is to do good.”

— Thomas Paine


What does Caritas Nigeria Do

Caritas Nigeria responds to emergencies across the Nation, its a Job Caritas does so well drawing strength and skills from its provincial and diocesan network.

The vision of Caritas Nigeria forms the background for the Good Governance initiative of Caritas Nigeria.

The program addresses issues around integral human development using the structures of the Catholic Church in Nigeria, its broad objective being to have citizens participate actively in decisions that affect their lives, socially, economically and politically and in doing this eliminate inequalities and promote human solidarity.

Health and HIV AIDS

Caritas Nigeria has actively supported the International HIV program for almost a decade. The program provides prevention for mother to child transmission, care and treatment, stigma reduction, and antiretroviral  theraphy.


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