Coach, ProFuturo Programme

Expired on: Jun 24, 2022
Job Category: Coaching
Project: Profuturo
Location/Community: Adagom 1 Adagom 2 Ukende
State in Nigeria: Cross River
Number of Positions Available: 3


Caritas is implementing the ProFuturo Programme in Cameroonian Refugee Operation in Cross River State. This is a digital education response, the ProFuturo Digital Education Framework is covering 3 schools in the 3 refugee settlements – Adagom 1, Adagom 2, Ukende settlements to expand connected education programmes across refugee communities. The goal of this partnership is to strengthen the quality of primary education serving refugees, improve teacher ability to manage classrooms and teach using digital tools and online platforms, encourage student participation and generate enthusiasm for learning, and improve student enrolment and retention. The programme will strengthen existing educational programmes, empower teachers to effectively use technology in their classrooms, and expand access to quality education for refugee and local children in Nigeria.

Objective of the position:

The Coach has the objective of training and accompanying the teachers and heads of the schools in person, in the development of educational processes and initiatives that promote the acquisition of soft skills and ICT competences, performing coordination duties, giving face-to-face training sessions and continuously monitoring project activities, following the conduct, parameters and quality standards indicated by PF.

Responsibilities of the coach:

Main duties:

  • Coordinating and delivering face-to-face training sessions.
  • Continuous monitoring of teachers and learners to ensure the acquisition of skills and the use of ProFuturo resources.
  • Comply with the activities of the operational plan of the project to achieve the scope of the goals established for each educational centre.

Detailed duties of the coach:

The coach will work on 7 tasks and each one of them includes certain duties:

  1. Administrative and operational
  2. In schools
  3. Training and education
  4. In relation to the platform
  5. Teachers 
  6. Meetings
  7. Handling information

The duties of the coach are differentiated into 3 categories according to the limits of their duties:

Decide: (maximum responsibility) duties in which the coach has the capacity to make decisions and execute them.

Propose: (part of the responsibility) duties in which the coach should take the initiative and propose actions if necessary.

Advise: (has limited responsibility) they form part of the staff and their opinion or advice may be requested regarding decision alternatives, but they do not make the final decision.

Departments or Areas with whom the coach will be connected:

  • Internal: Assigned online tutor, national coordinator.
  • External: Students, teachers, and local education or community authorities.

Academic Background:

Degree in Educational Technology/Computer Education or NCE plus

Degree in Computer Science or Degree in Computer Science plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or HND Computer Science plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

 Training in Education/Pedagogy is a plus.                                                                    



  • Minimum proven experience of 1 year in education projects for adult training or direct teaching and use of ICT and studies related to pedagogy or teaching. Possibility of having more than 2 years’ experience as an adult trainer or in direct teaching and in the use of ICT, and in terms of qualifications, BEd, or NCE plus B.Sc or B.Sc plus PGDE or HND plus PGDE would suffice.
  • Teacher training skills.
  • The ability to handle office automation and a knowledge of online training environments. Intermediate level.
  • Digital media Management (YouTube, blogs, Google +, Skype, WhatsApp). Intermediate level.


  • Experience in training content development.
  • Pedagogical training with experience as trainer/teacher and have good student/pupil evaluations.
  • Coordination of work teams in the education field.

Required Experience:

Minimum proven experience of 1 year in educational training projects for adults or direct teaching and use of ICT.

Required Skills:

  • Proactivity.
  • Leadership.
  • Planning and organization capacity.
  • Teamwork.
  • Results oriented
  • Communication skills,
  • Empathy
  • Active listening.
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