Mission and Vision

Caritas Nigeria shares in the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the world.

This mission is inspired by the Gospel, the teachings of the Catholic Church, the socio-pastoral orrientations of our pastors, and the cultural and religious beliefs of the African people. Caritas Nigeria strives to build flourishing communities in Nigera, where love, reconciliation, justice, peace and properity prevail; where each member of the community of the community contributes to the common good, where the resources of teh environment are used responsibly and for the good of all, where there is no more corruption, violation of human rights, exploitation of the poor by the rich people, where the dignitiy of all women, men and children is promoted.


To achieve its goals, Caritas:

– carries out her social-pastoral ministry of serving accompanying and defending the poor and the marginalized according to the Gospel and the Teachings of the Catholic Church;
– works in synergy with other social-pastoral institutions of the Church in Nigeria to promote the spirituality of social action in conformity with the teachings of the Church, to respond to emergency situations, to support community development with the participation of those concerned;
– facilitates and coordinates the efforts of its provincial and diocesan partners to ensure that their capacity is strengthened for effective progrram interventions to the poor