Responsibilities of the PM

Responsibilities of the PM

The Good Governance Programme Manager is responsible for coordinating the good governance interventions of CCFN.


His Primary Responsibilities include:
Acting as National Assembly Legislative Liaison Officer.
Coordinating  the Think Tank Committee on good governance.
Coordinating the activities of the Diocesan Partners who are engaged in good governance.

Other  engagements.

As the National Assembly Legislative Liaison Officer, he has the duty to:
Monitor legislative activities (Bills and Committee works) in the National Assembly with a view to identifying windows for the Church’s intervention
Promote appropriate legislative advocacy that would foster pro poor legislation in the National Assembly.
Initiate strategies for fostering electoral reform, justice sector reform and facilitating pro people agenda of government.
Contribute in the development of a frame-work where the Catholic Church can be part of the process of building a Nigerian State with equal sense of belonging in line with the Catholic Social Teaching.
As the Coordinator of the Thiink Tank Committeee on Good Governance, he:
Intervenes through policy advocacy on issues of governance
Periodically engages policy maker through Catholic Secretariat for a for the promotion of good governance
Develops advocacy papers and briefs that reflect the position of the church on topical issues
Makes contributions to public hearings and Bills before the National Assembly.
While Coordianting the activities of the Diocesan Partners engaged in good goverrnance:
Help partners develop projects proposals for submission to donors
Conduct capacity building for partners of project implementation and advocacy engagements
Conduct monitoring visits to project sites
Review project progress performance
His Other engagemsnts include:
Conduct of civic education training on election observation and citizen participation in governance
Presentation of  papers on legal issue and rights of citizens
Participation in CCFN strategic planning sessions