Good Governance Week

Good Governance Week

As part of efforts to promote responsive and accountable leadership in the country, the Good Governance Week was successfully carried out in Kogi State in  2015.


The 3-day exercise which was marked on different locations in the state (Idah, 15-19 December; Ankpa, 29-31 December) featured interesting topics that made a huge impact among participatants. Some of the lectures delivered included:


Electoral Fraud: A challenge to Good Governance in Nigeria, facilitated by Dr. S.P. Idakwoji;

Leadership and Women participation in politics facilitated Dr. Stephen Makoji;
Corruption and Challenges of Good Governance in Kogi State: The way forward, facilitated by Dr. Baba Danjuma; and
Guidance to 2015 General Elections, delivered by Dr. Lawrence Achimugwu.
At the end of the exercise, 200 Copies of the thick wall portrait were distributed to the participants (100 for Idah and 100 for Ankpa)
A total of 295 participants benefited from workshop with 145 present at Idah while 150 Participants were present in Ankpa.


International Women’s Day (IWD) – 2017: MESSAGE TO ALL WOMEN IN CARITAS NIGERIA

Dear All,


As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, I congratulate all the women who work at Caritas Nigeria.

Women are known to be selfless and to give the best of themselves to whatever they do. Being a woman is not therefore a reason to lag behind but a motivation to excel. We are proud that at Caritas Nigeria we do not throw huddles at women but enable the environment for everyone to work gracefully. Women who do not live up to expectation will not be because they are women, but because they have not optimized their potential and the opportunities provided.


I pray that every woman continues to achieve her best dreams, even as CARITAS Nigeria provides the enabling environment.
God bless you all.

Fr Evaristus Bassey,