PMD Pro Course

PMD Pro is a Project Management course specifically tailored to meet the needs and realities of the development sector work. It covers basic project management concepts, techniques, tools and terms specific to NGOs and the development sector. The training is usually held over a 5 days period. This is in addition to at least a 4 weeks of on-line coaching, e-learning and e-exam assistance. Our online mentoring helps intending PMD Professionals to familiarize themselves with the PMD Pro guide ahead of time. The PMD Pro exam is accessed online through a closed book, multiple choice exam after which a PMD Pro certificate is issued successful participants by APMG.


Caritas Nigeria being the specialized national development agency of the Catholic Church in Nigeria has a mandate to coordinate development programs in several thematic areas to all Nigerians irrespective of religion or ethnicity. Caritas Nigeria recognizes the importance of capacity building in sustainable development and has been working with Catholic Relief Services through the Institutional Capacity Strengthening Project to improve the capacity of its local partners.


The PMD Pro training is delivered in collaboration with Catholic Relief Services and Learning in NGOs (LINGOs), a consortium of over 80 international development organizations.