ICS Goal

 Ensuring that the network of Church Partners have the capacity to deliver high quality development programmes

The curriculum for the Project DPro course is broken down below as follows:

- What is a project?
- Project Constraint Triangle
- PMD Pro Project Phase Model
- Project Management Competencies and Disciplines

- Importance of Project Identification and Design
- Data Collection
- Data Analysis: Stakeholder Analysis; Problem Analysis
- Identification of Project Intervention Logic
- The 4 Levels of the PMD Pro Logframe

- Decision Gates
- Project Charters
- Project Launch
- Project Governance

- Implementation Plans
- Scope Planning
- Five Steps in Schedule Planning

- Issue Management
- Communications
- Supply Chain Management
- PMD Pro Essentials
- The RACI Model
- Monitoring and Evaluation
- Monitoring Complete Project Status
- Control

- Transitions
- Verification and Acceptance
- End of Project Learning
- After Action Review

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