ICS Goal

 Ensuring that the network of Church Partners have the capacity to deliver high quality development programmes

Institutional Development and Capacity Strengthening (ICS) is geared towards ensuring that the network of Church partners have the capacity to deliver high quality development interventions. This has been a core mandate of Caritas Nigeria right from the onset and  falls squarely on ICS. 

As an organization, the ICS mandate is realized through firstly, strengthening internal organizational systems, processes and policies so that she is better positioned to offer same others; secondly, supporting other structures of the Church in building their systems and processes; thirdly, incorporating institutional capacity strengthening as a component in all initiatives of the organization; and fourthly, adopting and implementing the Caritas Internationalis Management Standards. 

ICS is both a Thematic Area and a standing project within Caritas Nigeria. The ICS donor program commenced in 2014 as the kick-off intervention for the Thematic Area and was funded by the sister organization, Catholic Relief Services.


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