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Congregational Approach

The No Means No (Good Boys) group, Ogbor Community Primary School 1, Aba North LGA
The "No Means No Boys SGBV Prevention" intervention, carried out by the Caritas Nigeria OVC Team in Abia State, was executed at Ogbor Community Primary School 1, Aba North Local Government Area, under the supervision of the Presbyterian Church and Service Development OVC CBO. The intervention aimed to create awareness, distribute nutrition commodities, and provide supportive supervision, focusing on the following key activities:
Sensitization and Awareness Creation:
During the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) meeting, comprehensive sensitization and awareness were conducted. This initiative targeted all attendees, including the Headmistress, parents of the children, Caritas staff, and the No Means No Instructors. The session informed participants about Caritas Nigeria's Access OVC Comprehensive and Preventive interventions in Abia State.
Presentations by No Means No (Good Boys):
The No Means No (Good Boys) group delivered presentations to the audience, sharing valuable insights and information about preventing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV). These presentations aimed to raise awareness and empower the community to address this critical issue.
Distribution of Nutrition Commodities:
As part of the intervention, essential nutrition commodities were distributed. This included micro-nutrient powder and Vitamin A supplements, ensuring the children's access to crucial nutrients for their well-being.
Deworming of School Children:
Children aged 0-14 years received deworming treatment, a vital step in promoting their health and overall development. This activity focused on preventing parasitic infections and promoting the well-being of young students.
HIV Testing Service:
As a part of comprehensive health services, HIV testing was offered to individuals in attendance. This service aimed to ensure early detection and awareness of HIV status, ultimately contributing to community health and well-being.
The "No Means No Boys SGBV Prevention" intervention at Ogbor Community Primary School 1, Aba North LGA, Abia State, was a comprehensive and multi-faceted initiative. It successfully raised awareness about SGBV prevention, provided essential nutrition support, dewormed school children, and offered HIV testing services. This multifaceted approach demonstrates Caritas Nigeria's commitment to promoting the well-being and health of the community, particularly focusing on children and their families.

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