To contribute to food security, prevent dependency, reduce vulnerabilities, and enhance self-reliance for targeted internally displaced persons in Adamawa and Borno States, Caritas Nigeria's Food Security & Livelihoods Project, funded by the Nigerian Humanitarian Fund (NHF), recently reached 350 beneficiaries in 8 targeted host communities across 5 local government areas, namely; Monduva, Shuware Garden City, Warambuge and Anguwan Matakam in Adamawa State and Lagua, Ajari, Kangaleri, and Alajiri communities in Borno State.
These 350 persons of concern had their capacities strengthened in post-harvest management and the production of home-made organic pesticides to prevent insect infestation on flowering cowpeas, and for the storage and preservation of cowpeas and grains.
In addition, 250 persons received farm inputs, including 10kg of maize, cowpea, groundnuts, 10 grams of okra and spinach, 1 litre each of NPK and Urea fertilizers, and powdered insecticides.

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