B-SLiC Project Empowers Ekiti Farmers with Livestock Inputs for Sustainable Livelihoods 2023
In Ekiti state, the Building Sustainable Livelihoods for Vibrant Communities (B-SLiC) project, implemented by Caritas Nigeria Nigeria through the support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, distributed some livestock inputs to beneficiaries, to empower farmers with essential resources and knowledge, fostering vibrant communities with thriving livelihoods.
On 24th July 2023, livestock inputs were distributed to beneficiaries to promote sustainable poultry farming practices in the State. Each beneficiary received:
Ten Noiler Chickens - for healthy and productive poultry farming
Two Bags of 25kg Feeds - ensuring their chickens get all the necessary nutrients
Two Sachets of Growth Boosters - to support optimal growth and development
One Embacox - for safeguarding the health of their precious flock
One Acquaceryl Plus Antibiotics - to maintain a clean and healthy environment
One Drinker - making sure their chickens stay hydrated, and
One Feeder - for easy and efficient feeding

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