Ede town in post celebration mood: official result yet to be announced by INEC

This post-election report of Osun State Governorship Election 2022 is provided by the  Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) also known as Caritas Nigeria/JDPC, the specialized agency of the Catholic Church in Nigeria for coordinating development and Humanitarian interventions.


This report focuses on  the general security situation, vote buying/voter inducement, voter turnout, secrecy of the ballot and technical glitches/ BVAS malfunction.

Security Situation
As observed, the security situation was overall satisfactory as there were intances of grave security concern. The security personnel in most polling units were detached and relatively unconcerned about happenings around them while those on mounted patrol vehicles who were seen driving around Osogbo town monitoring the elections. The Economic and Financial Cream Commission EFCC was also visible carrying out their duties.
Intimidation of voters
The security situation on Friday 15, July, 2022 did seem threatening to voters as the heavy deployment of security personnel was scary.
News also made the rounds in Osogbo, the state capital that the APC had imported thugs from Lagos to disrupt, harm, and/or kill voters where they perceived they were not going to win. As if to corroborate this, the local chairman of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) was arrested by the military on the eve of the election, but later released on circumstances unclear to all. The news of this events may have contributed to some voters not turning out to vote on Election Day as a few of them expressed fear of being intimidated or harmed by thugs. Civil servants were also coerced and co-opted against their wishes to participate in APC campaign rallies, while unlawful deductions amounting to different sums were said to have beens deducted from their salaries for campaign materials. 
Vote Buying/Voter Inducement
There were several reported incidences of vote buying and voter inducement by politicians. At Testing Ground, our observers noted that the APC was doling out N10, 000.00 each to voters. At Ward 10, Unit 004, Egbedore Local Govt., there were many reported cases of vote buying by both the APC and PDP ranging from N2, 000.00 to N10, 000.00. Voters were showing their ballot papers to party agents before proceeding to the cubicles to cast their votes. 
Voters Turnout
The general turnout was impressive, even though in many polling units, many registered voters did not come out to exercise their franchise even after registering. 
Field Feedbacks/Voting Process
Caritas Nigeria in collaboration with JDPMC observed the election using observers trained on the new Election Observation app. While there were a few hitches from  users on the field,  since this was our maiden attempt on the use of technology in observing election, it will be nice to commend our volunteers and most importantly our staff for their commitment to the exercise. Voters’ turnout was generally impressive, but in a few places, election materials arrived the polling units late. Arguments sometimes ensued between INEC staff and party agents especially in Imesi-Ile, Unit 8, where the argument centred on where to place the ballot box.
Secrecy of Ballots
The various incidences of vote buying/inducement seriously compromised the secrecy of the ballot system as voters were seen showing their ballot papers to party agents after voting so that they could be tickedto have voted for their party. This act seriously compromised the integrity of the process and elections generally. 
Technical Glitch/BVAS Malfunction
There were a few technical hitches here and there, but overall, the BVAS machines performed optimally. A machine for example, stopped working in Unit 1, Ward 1, Ola Oluwa Local Government Area.
We will like to commend INEC, CSOs, security agents, and other relevant stakeholders for the conduct of the Osun State Governorship Election 2022. The processes leading to election were not perfect and of course no election in any democracy is perfect, but there is always room for improvement. However, we hope that the remaining processes leading to the collation and announcement of final results turnout well. 
Sir Mark Asu-Obi
Team Lead Good Governance
Caritas Nigeria/JDPC

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