The push to eradicate TB in Nigeria

The Executive Secretary and CEO of Caritas Nigeria paid a courtesy visit to the National TB and Leprosy Control Programme (NTBLCP) to solidify and show commitment to ensuring that TB was eradicated out of Nigeria.

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Background to CARES Act Project

Nigeria reported its first case of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on February 27, 2020 in Ogun stateSince then, the Government made concerted efforts to contain, interrupt and end transmission of the virus among Nigerians. Despite these efforts, cases continued to increase in number and geographical spread. Community engagement being critical to the success of contact tracing efforts  CARES Act leveraged the COVID-19 Messages of Hope Project by engaging faith leaders in disseminating key COVID-19 messages within and beyond faith institutions and structures. Caritas Nigeria worked with the Messages of Hope Steering Committee members and their peers in the different congregations in conjunction with relevant government agencies at sub national levels. These relationships which had been established across the six geo-political regions were used to raise awareness and acceptance of COVID-19 case identification, support identification of key contacts, and take proactive measures based on national guidelines and recommendations to manage them appropriately. The CARES Act intervention  collaborated with the Nigerian Center for Disease Control, the National Emergency Operation Centre, COVID-19 Presidential Task Force and other partners to leverage trusted faith community relationships for contact tracing and case-identification to improve COVID-19 response.

CARES Act Training Report

A four-day training on COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Management was conducted for staff of  Caritas Nigeria and Ministries, Departments & Agencies supporting the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES Act) Project at the national and state levels.

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CDC Nigeria Advance Team with Caritas Nigeria in Owerri for the DCM's vaccination campaign

An Advance Team of CDC Nigeria (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) with Caritas Nigeria Team led by Very Rev Fr. Uche Obodoechina currently in  Owerri Municipal for the DCMs (Deputy Chief of Mission) COVID-19 vaccination campaign. 

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