Profile of Fr Evaristus Bassey

Profile of Fr Evaristus Bassey

Rev. Fr. Evaristus Bassey is a clergyman and development practitioner with over 10 years experience in programming. He is the Chief Executive Officer of CCFN and is responsible for the day to day affairs of the organization.


Background: Fr. Evaristus Bassey was born in Oban Town in Akamkpa Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria on 31st August 1966. He did his primary education at St. Michael’s Oban Town and attended the nearby Immaculate Conception Seminary Mfamosing for his secondary education. He attended Ss. Peter and Paul Major Seminary Ibadan where he studied philosophy and theology and was ordained a priest on the 17th of October 1992.

Pastoral Experience: Fr. Evaristus served as Bishops’ secretary soon after ordination and was put charge of St. Bernard’s Parish, Marian Hill as well. Ever since he has served in five other parishes both rural and urban with equal zeal. For more than three years he handled daily bed time meditations on the Cross River State Television to the joy and peace of many who waited for the program to usher them to sleep.  Fr.Evaristus did post graduate studies in English and Literary Studies at the University of Calabar, Calabar with an interest in using fiction to further the faith and devepment.  He was unanimously proposed by the Priests’ Council to be appointed the Diocesan director of Justice Development and Peace due to his passion. As director he took keen interest in prisoners’ pastoral and material  welfare and got many who were wrongfully incarcerated released.

Development Experience: In the wake of civil society involvement in the HIV/AIDS awareness, he pioneered trainings for protestant, Islamic and Catholic clerics to lead the crusade against stigma. His partnership with church funding partners led to water projects in rural communities and skills training for youths. In August 2010 he was appointed to the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria as Executive Secretary/CEO of  the newly established  Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria(CCFN) which later became Caritas Nigeria. Fr. Bassey has demonstrated profound leadership initiatives with his work at the national Catholic Secretariat, multi tasking and coordinating complex initiatives. From a one man staff at the onset, Caritas Nigeria has since grown to engage more than a hundred staff, due to enabling environment created by past and present episcopal chairmen: Archbishop Joseph Ukpo and Bishop Lucius Ugorji respectively. In December 2012 the Catholic Bishops added the responsibilities of Director Church and Society and National Secretary Justice Development and Peace at the Catholic Secretariat to his responsibilities. Fr. Evaristus has fully utilized the opportunities for training and exposure presented by his work as Diocesan and now national development coordinator to increase his knowledge and competences. He has attended courses in Harvard and Notre Dame and CERIS.



Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Plot 459 Cadastral Zone B2, Durumi, Abuja, Nigeria

Mobile: +2348037099291




31ST August 1966, Oban Town, Akamkpa Local Government Area, Cross River State



St. Michael’s Primary School, Oban Town, 1973 – 1978

Immaculate Conception Junior Seminary, Mfamosing, 1978- 1983

SS. Peter and Paul major Seminary in affiliation to the University of Ibadan, 1985 – 1992

University of Calabar , 1998 – 2001



M.A. (Litt. Studies) 2001, University of Calabar, Calabar

B.A. (Rel. Studies) 1992, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Religious Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan

West African School Certificate 1983

First School Leaving Certificate 1978



Priest in Charge, St Bernard’s Parish, Marian Hill, Calabar     1992-1994

Priest in Charge St. Paul’s, Uyanga, Akamkpa, 1995-1997

Priest in Charge, Holy Ghost Ikot Edem Odo, 1997- 2000

Priest in Charge, St. Augustine, Ikot Omin 8 Miles, 2000-2001

Priest in Charge/Chaplain, St. Paul’s, University of Calabar, 2001- 2004

Priest in Charge, St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Efut Abua, Calabar 2006 – 2010



The Young Cleric ,St. Theresa Press, Calabar, 2009

“The Church, Democracy and Human Rights in Nigeria” 2006

The Proposal And Other Stories ,  University of Calabar Press, 2004

The Return of the king and Other Plays , Mariana Press ,2002

Pentecostalism and the Catholic Church in Nigeria , Mariana Press, 1993

Tithes and Offerings: Do You Cheat God ? , Mariana Press, 1994



Catholic Leadership Program, Mendoza School of Business, Notre Dame University, Indiana, 2014
Human Resources for Health, School of Public Health, Harvard University, USA, 2014
Advanced Training on Policy and Advocacy, West Africa Civil Society Institute, Accra, Ghana 2013 Contemporary Management Practices, Baltimore, Maryland, 2013
Training on Financial Strategy for NGOs, Nairobi, Kenya, 2012
Training on Resource Mobilisation, Abuja, Nigeria, 2012
Training on Grants in the Framework of the EU Module 1 by MDF, Brussels 2011
Training on Mainstreaming Peace Building in Program Interventions, Yaounde, Cameroun, 2011
Training on Rights Based Approach to Development by Cross River State Agency for the Control of AIDS/Action Aid International(Nigeria) , Calabar, 2010
Training on Advocacy Methodology by Cross River State Agency for the Control of AIDS/Action Aid International(Nigeria), Calabar 2010
Training on Community Development Models by European Union Through Strengthening Reforms Institutions Program (SRIP), Abuja 2007
Training on United Nations Development Program on Leadership(LDP), Calabar, 2006
Training on SPHERE Project on Emergency Response, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 2005
Training on Industrial Areas Foundation Development Methods, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2005
Training on Proposal Writing and Project Management by GHAIN Project, Abuja 2005
Training on HIV/AIDS Program Development by World Bank HIV/AIDS Fund Cross River State Project Team 2004



As Director, Justice, Development and Peace Commission(JDPC), and Calabar Archdiocesan Action Committee on HIV/AIDS (CAACA),  Archdiocese of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, I managed the following projectsK:

Community Mobilization for Good Governance, Justice Development and Peace Commission Calabar, 2002 -2004 Supported by MISEREOR Germany

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support, World Bank HIV/AIDS Fund, Calabar Archdiocesan Action Committee on AIDS, Calabar, 2005 Cross River State
International Election Observer, Ghana, 2004
Capacity Building of Faith Based Leaders on HIV/AIDS Intervention Supported by GHAIN, CAACA 2005 -2006
Capacity Building for Caregivers in support of 400 OVC, by CAACA Supported by SNR(DFID) 2006-2007
Access to Justice Program, JDPC Calabar, Supported by MISEREOR, Germany, 2006-2008
Access to Water in 5 Communities, by Justice Development and Peace Commission, Calabar, Supported by Manos Unidas, Spain 200
Enabling Environment for Schools in Rural Areas, Justice Development and Peace, Calabar, Supported by Manos Unidas, Spain 2008
Public Finance Analysis Project, Justice Development and Peace Commission, Calabar, 2006-2007, Supported by Action Aid Nigeria



· Chairman, Justice Development and Peace Commission, Calabar 2007 -2010

· Faith Based Representative, Cross River State Agency for the Control of Aids(SACA)Board 2008

· Executive Secretary/CEO, Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria 2010f

· National Secretary Justice Development and Peace Committee  2012 f

· Director, Church and Society, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria 2012 f



I Rejoice  2006

Chants of the Morning  2009



Bedtime Televangelist for Cross River Broadcasting Corporation 1998 – 2002



1.  United Kingdom – 1996 and 2001

2.  Israel – 1998 and 2009

3.  United States – 2003,2005,2008

4.  Ghana – 2004, 2006

5.  Sierra Leone – 2005

6.  Italy, Spain, Portugal, France – 2009

7.  Italy – 2010

8.  Cameroon, Kenya, Italy, Belgium – 2011

9.  Kenya, Tanzania, Portugal – 2012

10. United States, Italy, Germany, Kenya – 2013

11. Spain, United States, Rome, Uk – 2014