The story of 45-year-old Happy Tanko is a stirring yet inspiring one: a mother of nine female children, Happy was relishing the comfort of her amiable household, until her husband sent her away, along with their children, on the grounds that their marriage had yet to produce a male child.
Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC), is a key component of the Caritas Nigeria sustainable livelihood strategy, which encourages households to cultivate the culture of saving, even from the little resources that they make as proceeds from their businesses. The SILC methodology is a holistic, savings-led microfinance approach that provides a safe place for poor households to save and borrow money to increase their income. It is rooted in the traditional community-based rotating savings and credit associations, that helps poor communities create sustainable, transparent and accessible savings platform that is managed by members of the group.Over the years, Caritas Nigeria has established and worked with more than 700 SILC groups in different communities across Nigeria, teaching them financial management to ensure sustainable livelihoods of beneficiaries and to address poverty which has plagued the country for many years now.

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