Awareness-creation in Uromi

Awareness-creation in Uromi

Caritas Nigeria conducted awareness creation activities in Uromi, Esan North East of Edo State due to the high rate of travels of young boys and girls in the community, searching for greener pasture abroad.

The target of this awareness creation activities were parents. The choice of the audience was necessary because majority of trafficked victims/survivors attested to the fact that they had travelled to alleviate the suffering of their parents.


In other words, it means the children sacrificed themselves to salvage the financial plight of their parents, although they usually never opened up to their parents about the fact that they were involved in sex business. Hence it was very important to bring to their knowledge what our girls suffer in Europe and other parts of the world just to make ends meet.


The topic for the awareness creation was titled an “Overview of Human Trafficking: The way forward” Main highlights of the talk centred on:
Definition of the term trafficking in persons with its constituent elements i.e Acts, Means and Purpose.
Forms of trafficking in Persons.(Internal & External)
Causes ie poverty, greed, ignorance, get-rich-quick syndrome and peer influence.
Effects: physical torture or abuse, Health hazards, Emotional trauma, psychological and Spiritual trauma.
At the end of the exercise, the followings strategies were proposed as ways to eradicating human trafficking:
Participants as stakeholders in their respective communities as civic group members were urged to be active and alert to know what happens in their surroundings so as to assist vulnerable persons and their families from falling prey to traffickers by enlightening their understanding on human trafficking.
Women should act as agents of change and instil good morals in their children right from home. These morals shape them from childhood to adulthood to face the realities of hard times.
Parents should desist from the culture of wealth celebration which often time instigate their children to go in search of money damning all negative consequences.
Youths in the community should report suspected cases of trafficking to the Anti-human trafficking desk in the nearest police station or report to NAPTIP via their toll free lines. Reports can also be made to the JDPC Office in the Diocese to assist in investigating and making appropriate referrals to the law enforcement agencies.